Racing Games

Super Bike GP

Super Bike GP game: This is an exciting fast-paced 3D-racing game for everyone at Pbskids games for free. Get on your cool motorbike and take the risk to ride as hell over the graphically enhanced tracks in order to reach the finish line first. Can you wi

Uphill Motocross Race

Uphill Motocross Race game: This is a cool side-scrolling bike racing game for free on Pbskids games for school. Hop on your two-wheeler and try to leave your opponents behind to win race after race. Try to collect as many coins as you can on your way to

Police Car Memory

Try to do police in Police Car Memory game, It's a puzzle game online of all ages at Pbskids Online Game

Superbike Racer

Superbike Racer is a Racing game online for free on games Pbskids. In this game, Fast blast racing is what you need biker !  

Pimp My Car

Pimp My Car game, This is a racing game for free at Pbskids Online. Select a car and and come to scooting with your friends

Heroes Of The City Memory

Heroes Of The City Memory game, This is a Online game on Pbskids games 2017. Select the same shape and remember them in pairs to complete the game

Mario Kart Puzzle

Mario Kart Puzzle game, this is a Puzzle game on Pbskids games for kids. Play as Mario to complete the exciting race and become the winner.

Extreme Racing Rally

Extreme Racing Rally is a Racing game on Pbskids game. Quickly handle and pass the opponent to the earliest destination.

Speed Racer 2

Driving your car and racing with others is an amazing thing if you are a race lover, now we will provide a new racing game at, Speed Racer 2. Features: • New Design! • New SuperCars! • High Graphic's Quality! • Better speed and steering sensations! • XP Manager! In second part of the game X Speed Race we will be driving again various cars on many of tracks. We can choose from many cars and few kind of races. Play the mobile game Speed Racer on your smartphone, pad or tablet directly without installation. Also you should play Ultimate Racing 2017, the hottest pbskids car games of 2017 at

Roary The Racing Car

Roary The Racing Car is a jigsaw puzzle game at Put the racing car pieces into the right position. If you can not finish the jigsaw in time model, you can choose free model to play. Number 1 in the Top Kids Paid Apps in Croatia, Nicaragua, Sweden. Number 8 in Top Kids Paid Apps in the UK and Finname. Have your kids ever wanted to be just like Roary - the Number One Star? Well now they can be - as Roary The Racing Car makes his debut on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in "Rollin' Road". Featuring voices (including Peter Kay) and music from the show and graphics rendered from the actual 3D models used to create the fabulous CGI for the hit children's tv series. This simple, yet fast paced, action racing game will entertain and challenge the kids for hours, keeping them quiet on those long journeys, as they attempt to beat their own scores and get into the on-line high score table. They'll also be able to sing-a-long with the Roary theme tune as they settle down for just one more go! The simple game mechanic makes this one of the easiest games to play on Pbskids games for kids, so even your youngest can enjoy the fun! All the main cars are here Roary, Cici, Maxi, Tin Top, Drifter, Plugger, and they speak too, bringing the tv show to right into your kids hands, in a way never done before. Other Silverhatch pals include James, Nick, Breeze and even recent arrival Conrod. Hellie keeps Roary supplied with spanners to fix damage and a driving remix of the theme tune plays along providing the atmosphere of an all out race to the finish. Keep Roary out of the pits as long as you can and if you want, submit your score to the on-line high score table for keeps. Pbskids fun for kids of all ages at There are easy, medium and hard level for you to challenge. Have a good time!


Rocketpult is a cool, retro-styled rocket launching and nameing game at Launch a modern rocket with a classical catapult in this fun physics-based game! Time your fuel use and reach the space in Rocketpult! The panel on the right will show you the speed, altitude, rotation and other parameters you need to know for a safe trip and nameing. Choose a platform depending on the amount of stars it has and be sure to save some fuel for your nameing or it won’t turn out good for you. Deploy your nameing legs once you are ready to name and mission complete in Pbskids games 2019. Have fun! Controls: Arrow up =thrust, Arrows left / right = direction, Spacebar = launch / deploy nameing legs, Z = slow down time

Death Chase

Death Chase is a fun-addicting racing game at Drive your vehicle through the challenging tracks full of obstacles collecting lots of coins to upgrade it and create the perfect speed machine. Compete against other vehicles and avoid crashing too much or you will wreck your car in Pbskids unblocked Games. Try to be the winner in every race to earn stars and unlock a new, awesome vehicle. Have fun with Death Chase! Controls: Arrows = drive, Space = jump

Bike Race 3

Bike Racing 3 is the follow on game to the exciting and entertaining Bike Racing 2. Get your motorbike out again! Features: Single and multiplayer modes Earn stars to unlock new levels Dozen addictive worlds Hundreds of challenging tracks Simple controls Bike Race 3 brings you more levels full of obstacles, speed, and stunts at Pbskids 2018 free. Drive your bike through amazing tracks with jumps and loops in this simple and fast-paced physics-based game www.Pbskids name. Tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate/brake. How To Play? Use the gas pedal and the brake on the screen to control your bike's speed on a nice level and avoid going too fast. Collect hundreds of coins to buy upgrades such as engine-power, fuel-capacity, suspension and traction for your vehicle, buy a better one, and unlock new, cooler, more challenging maps. Enjoy Bike Racing 3! Controls: Mouse Best Racing Games: Bike Race 2 Moto X3M 3 Earn to die

Ultimate Racing 2017

Ultimate Racing 2017 is an amazing 3D car racing game at There are a series of challenges waiting for, once you finished one, you will get reward. Real cars, new tracks and free traffic driving with epic drift knockout stunts. Climb up the leader boards. Featuring fully interactive traffic simulation including people and traffic lights are found in this stunt game Pbskids 2017 for school. But decide yourself if you want to play by the rules or you want to go all crazy and destroy everything in this open race world. Across the Globe City: In this world Competition is a reality in cities around all over the world including Hawaii, Cairo, Paris, London, Miami, Rio, Dubai, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo for knockout. Doing an incredible burnout and make your climb tires extreme smoky. Start illegal street stunt races and push the pedal to the metal if you are in need for elimination speed. Many Racing Modes: Include Career, elimination Tournament and Time Trial for knockout. Car game 3D is a master piece of car simulation games you not just going to drive it you will feel it. Make driving skills your armor in this vivid game 2017 pbskids. Racing games are many on play store but this is one of the most popular Pbskids games! You can unlock new cars with your coin. Have fun! Control: Up key to speed up, Left or Right to change the direction. F to use the extra power.

Car Rush 2

Car Rush 2: Start the engine and drive through three words with three different tracks of increasing difficulty each. Avoid obstacles and complete all the laps before the time runs out! # Featured in Top Free Game in Japan , kuwait , brazil and korean appstores. # Featured in Trending Game on China store # Featured in Top 10 Ranked Game in Middle East and south east Asia. Play the mobile game Car Rush 2 on your smartphone, pad or tablet directly without installation at www.pbskids The most popular racing game on Android platform is coming! ! ! Unlike other racing games! ! ! New power-ups and graphics! ! ! Vivid sound effect and lifelike special effects! ! ! More realistic and thorough game experience! ! ! What are you hesitating about? Just download it! Down-town Rush 2 is a fast-paced racing game at Pbskids school 2018. The most difficult level of this game is in Full-speed Mode, which requires quick motion and proficiency. There are many world-famous cars in the game. Players can allocate models and debug attributes to get faster speed. The game allows players to experience the exciting and realistic street racing!  

Top Speed Muscle Car

Top Speed Muscle Car, The streets of this city are yours to explore. Accelerate to dominate the streets of the racing game Top Speed Muscle Car. Are you a fan of powerful american muscle cars in pbskids 2017 game? Then you should try Top Speed Muscle Car! Step on the gas pedal of a Shelby Mustang GT500-KR and let the 540-horsepower beast roar freely through a deserted city. The best car racing game. Ever! That's a lot of time limited championships ! , And it is not good because you are getting all the money and gold I have , also I'm not getting enough races with the new car in return to make it up !! Free Pbskids 2017 online: Choose a car, change the view, select any colour you want for your vehicle, enjoy the ride with no limitations and don’t worry if you wreck it, you can quickly repair it by pressing R. Have fun! Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake, G / H = change car, C = change view, R = repair, I = ignition, T = snapshot, Shift = clutch

Driving Force 3

Driving Force 3: Time for some frantic vehicle chases via the town once again! Get in the police car, grab your weapons and fight gangs in a race around town! In the 3rd installment of the awesome quick-paced driving game Driving Force on Pbskidsforschool 2018. You have to hop one more time on your police car and get rid of some badass criminals terrorising the city. Finish missions to unlock new kinds. Driving force 3 game pbskids 4 school games on the site! Press the PLAY button to start the game start the game start the game by following the instructions in the game play. Good Games. Have a good time at Control:  AD / Arrows left / right = drive, W / Arrow up = speed, S / Arrow down = siren, Spacebar = Shoot

Wheely 4

Are your ready to have new adventures with Wheely 4 at Pbskidsname? Wheely 4 Time Travel, Wheely is heading on an exciting trip through time. Would you like to tag along with him? Wheely 4 is the fourth season of Wheely series in Pbskids4 games. Our lovely red car starts his new journey. At this pbskids game, Wheely broke his wheel and he came to a car repair to get a new one. But at here, when he has his tire fixed, something went wrong. The wheel has traveled back in time and needs to help to return home. What you have to do is to find the solution to help him continue his journey. Along the way, he will deal with many unexpected obstacles, so you must find some supportive items to keep him safe. Do not forget to collect the little car in each level. Each level is a puzzle that you have to solve. You can only move to the next level if you finish the current one. Show off your skill and walk through all of 16 levels in the shortest time. At pbskids 4 free Games, you can find many funny games such as Wheely & Wheely 2. How to play: Use your mouse to play this game.

Earn to Die

Earn to Die: Upgrade your car and drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to reach your destination, alive! Earn to Die right now at free online Pbskidsname and laugh happily every time. Enjoy now! Earn to Die right now at racing game online Pbskids 2017 and laugh happily every time. Note that, this game is quite violent, so you should consider carefully before playing it. In this game, you are alone in the desert with thousands of hungry zombies. Hurry up! Get into your car, buy some modern weapons, drive it as far as possible and shoot down any toxic zombies that you see on the way. One more thing, you will face a lot of dangerous obstacles and waves of toxic zombies that are trying to kill you anytime on the race track. Especially, keep your mind to observe your fuel meter and avoid running out of energy on the road. Because the zombies will encircle and attack you immediately. At pbskids school for free, another important mission for you is to earn a lot of money and more energy in the game. By using this money, you can upgrade your car, weapon such as rockets, guns, cannons, and so on. With these advanced weapons, you can destroy many zombies in one shot. It sounds very interesting, right? What are you waiting for? Check it out at school pbskids games! Controls: Arrows = Move, X = Boost / Shoot Best Racing Games: Earn to Die 2 Bike Race 2 Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Boat Rush

You always dream of having your own boat? Nothing is impossible. Maybe, your dream can come true. So, let’s practice driving your boat from now in Boat Rush from! Are you annoyed of playing so many car racing games here is an exciting, amazing boat racing game with amazing graphics, nice sea view and visual effects on Pbskids schools. Avoid the rocks to prevent damage to the boat. Boat Rush brings you to the interesting journey through twisting canals and rivers. It’s time for you to show off your skill and your finesse. Your task is simple to try your best to go as far as you can without blowing up due to tons of obstacles along the way including lasers, rockets, rocks and so on. Besides, do not forget to collect the golden coins to upgrade your boat. Let’s see the best distance you can get. Just break your own records. Check out other related games such as Racing Monster Trucks. Have a great time! Controls: Use the left and right arrow keys or mouse to play.

Earn to Die 2

Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn to Die at! An evacuation ship is waiting on the other side of the country. The only thing that stands in your way: city after city overrun by zombies . With only a run-down car and a small amount of cash you face a familiar situation... to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive! BRAND NEW STORY MODE Earn to Die 2 introduces a massive new Story Mode, five times longer than its predecessor. The game departs its familiar desert setting and delves into the depths of cities infested by zombies at Pbskids 10. MULTI-TIERED LEVELS: Levels are now multi-tiered! Drive across decayed highway overpasses, via underground tunnels, or smash through epic zombie filled factories. Whichever path you choose to take, you won't be able to escape the zombie hordes - your only choice is to smash through them! BUILD A ZOMBIE-SMASHING MACHINE Unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, including a sports car, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Each vehicle can be equipped with a range of upgrades, such as armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombies will stand no chance. DESTRUCTIBLE VEHICLES Vehicles are now fully destructible. Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed to smithereens if you aren't too careful. MORE ZOMBIES. MORE DESTRUCTION. MORE MAYHEM. What are you waiting for? That rescue ship isn't going to wait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - and seriously, there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filled factories! Earn to Die 2 is a bigger and better version of the original web series which includes Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die 2: Exodus on Pbskids10.

Wheely 2

Wheely is back for a second problem solving adventure game at! In this game you have to solve some challenging riddles to bring wheely to his girlfriend! Wheely 2 is one of the most popular online games available, it can be played for free at Pbskids 2 games. Help Wheely to catch his love! Start and stop Wheely the car and interact with objects on the screen to safely guide him through each level. If you complete all levels and want to look for similar games, you should select games like wheely 8.

Wheely 8

Wheely is back again! Do I need to introduce it once more? I think not. Wheely and Jolie went on a picnic, when the aliens arrive! In Wheely 8 you have to help him to get back to his beloved Jolie! Their spaceship has broken down.Can you repair the alien spaceship by interacting with objects and solving puzzles to safely navigate Wheely to the end of each level? You can play Wheely 8 in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD at Pbskidsname. It belongs to the Genre Online Adventure Games and is a pbskids Flash Online Game. Share wheely8 with your friends to play!

Bike Race 2

Bike Race 2 Online is a free mobile HTML5 game, offered to you by Pbskids name. Play the sequel of the fun motor bike racing game. In this game, you have to jump on your two-wheeler and speed through the tracks performing cool stunts to earn points and try to get to the finish line alive, as fast as you can. Earn stars to buy new, better bikes and keep unlocking more challenging tracks.You can play Bike Race 2 on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Don't miss this simulation.Be the boss of the racecourses with your own style. The best motorcycle game at www pbskids » Awesome motorcycle physics. » Awesome game graphics. » Play online with your friends. » Quick match (Play friendly match with other people) » Tournament(Play game with other people around the world for coins) » Play with your friends(Create a room and challange with your friends) » Change your motorcycles,clothes and materials. » 25 different race and skill courses » Hurry up,don't die much for the earn coins and win the game! » Real sounds from the motorcycles. » Different motorcycles,clothes,whells and rims. » Online ranking system. » Improve your level. » Real and extraordinary areas. » A lot of special environment. » Trouble-maker missions. Show your ability. Join the tournament. Controls: Arrows = drive

Racing Monster Trucks

Hey buddies, join us to race against players from all over the world in our ultra-realistic 3D game – Racing Monster Trucks. Have fun! Racing Monster Trucks is a breathtaking racing game based on an extremely interesting movie – Monster Trucks from Pbskids name. The game features ultra-realistic 3D graphics that brings you wonderful experience while playing it. Your mission is to drive one of four great trucks including MVP, Ragin’ Red, Ace High and El Diabb through numerous thrilling obstacles such as Hover Pipe, see-saw, collapsing rope-bridge and more without getting it exploded. Remember that the movement of your truck is influenced by gravity, so be careful and focused as much as possible. Try to get as far as you can and collect resources along the track. You can also upgrade power, stability and grip of your truck to make it become more powerful in order to compete against other players across the globe and reach the world champion. Good luck! * *Permissions: - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress Game controls: You will use the arrow keys to move.

Madalin Stunt Cars 2

MADALIN STUNT CARS 2 - WebGL multiplayer online game. Get ready for the ultimate racing experience in this great physics-based sports Car driving game on! Select your favorite sports car and perform different types of stunts in order to win! Wondering which car to choose? Here is the list: Lamborghini Veneno, Pagani Zonda, LaFerrari, Ford GT, Huracan, Aventador, and many more, 2 cars are also available in a police version! In this cool game, you can also choose one of 3 maps with different objects and 3 different namescapes. Desert or city roads, whatever you choose you will never get bored because every map has different constructions and combinations of loops and ramps. In Madalin Stunt Cars 2 you can relax, just driving through the map, filled with different ramps, loops, houses and other obstacles in a single mode or feel the adrenaline rising in your blood while competing with other players in the multiplayer online mode. By a relaxing single ride, you can explore the map and try out all the ramps, loops and enjoy the smooth graphics of the game. For some more action, enter one of the rooms with other players or create your own and let other drivers join you. In the multiplayer mode you can hit and crash your opponents' cars or just watch them performing cool and crazy stunts.  How To Play MADALIN STUNT CARS 2 Control your car with WASD keys, and press a SPACEBAR to use a handbrake. Press T to see your position and other players on the map, R to respawn and C to change the view. Press SHIFT to accelerate using nitro. In MADALIN STUNT CARS 2 players can also communicate with each other, just click the left mouse button on the empty bar in the left bottom corner of the screen and press ENTER to send a message, that every player in the room will see. MADALIN STUNT CARS 2 - Tips & Tricks Use nitro while driving on the loop to finish the stunt, it prevents you from flying out in the middle of construction. Release the W key while turning for more maneuverability. Don't be afraid to crash into other players' cars or obstacles on the map, it will not damage your car. To start a game faster in the multiplayer mode, press 'Join Random'.

Moto X3M 3

Moto X3M 3 features more than 20 exciting levels full of stunts, obstacles, and high speeds. Visit our website to play Moto X3M 3 or other great race games! Feel like a professional motorcycler on a cool bike in the third sequel of this great motocross bike racing game series Moto X3M! This game has an amazing attraction which is very addictive. I’m talking about Moto X3M 3, the third sequel of the popular Moto X3M series. The gameplay of Moto X3M 3 is not very different with the previous sequels such as Moto X3M and Moto X3M 2. All you need to do is to perform the best flipping and racing shots on very dangerous racetracks. Try to keep balance and do not get accidents. Experience the cool feelings with pbskids 3 games Moto X3M 3. Are you ready to race now? Controls: Arrows up / down = accelerate / brake, Arrows left / right = tilt back / forward  

Shift to Drift

Are you a professional racer? Ok! Do you dare to join Shift to Drift – a cool racing game at Pbskids name. It is the wonderful time to show off your racing skills now! Hey you! The time is started! Jump into Shift to Drift – an attractive and addictive racing game for everyone at pbskids car games. In this game, you will have the chance to participate in the most attractive race car on the planet with many different levels of emotions. Here, you will act as a professional racer, control your car wisely and pass through all other racers on the race track. Pay attention to observe the curves and dangerous obstacles on the path. Don’t forget to get three stars in each level and become the best racer in this cute racing game. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Click here at game pbskids racing car. Besides, there are some related racing games that you can love to play such as Wheely. How to play? Use arrow keys to control your car in the game.

KawaiRun 2

The second season of funny game KawaiRun is available now. Keep running continuously and show off your skill with KawaiRun 2 at Pbskids Name! KawaiRun 2 is a fun-addicting action game that you can find at Pbskids2 game free. Like the first season of this series, your mission is still to run continuously and overcome every barrier and obstacle at the same time. There are two main playing modes for you to conquer which are single player mode and multiplayer mode. Each mode is divided into various levels. You can earn money and points by winning the running races, then use the money to develop your character by buying dresses, accessories and so on. Flying over all the challenges and completing every level. You can find more similar games at free pbskids 2 games such as… How to play: Control the runer by using arrow keys.


Are you an intelligent person? Please, jump into Wheely – an awesome puzzle game for all ages. Control your car wisely and unlock many new levels! Wheely is one of the most interesting and attractive puzzle games for all ages at Pbskids name. In this game, you will have to deal with many difficult missions to complete each level. With context in a cramped city, your biggest mission is to control your car wisely, solve all puzzles, and pass through dangerous obstacles to reach the destination safely. Therefore, keep your eyes to observe carefully, find every clue, and create a perfect road for your car. Especially, you should pay attention to some special buttons that will help you unlock the puzzles in the game. With eye-catching graphics and great music, I believe that this exciting puzzle game won’t make you feel disappointed! Play game Wheely for free onine, pbskids 4 kids. Besides, if you want to play more with some related games, don’t forget to explore……. How to play? Use your mouse to play this game.